A Certain Smile

As summer is fast approaching in Melbourne, we have just released a mini collection of chic vintage sundresses and skirts. The collection is titled 'A Certain Smile' and is named after a book by Francoise Sagan about a rather doomed Parisian love affair. I love Francoise's novels and have many of them - most are falling apart ragged paperbacks that have suffered from too much time travelling around in my bag. I have read them over and over and over again (as I do with all my favourite books) and there was a time when I would always have one with me.

A Certain Smile is the perfect summer read; a meandering tale that is at its heart a little dark, reflecting on the impetuousness of youth and a selfish kind of love that can only bring unhappiness to all involved:

'I was young, I liked one man and another was in love with me. I had one of those silly little girlish problems to solve. I was feeling rather important. There was even a married man involved, and another woman: a little play with four characters was taking place in the springtime in Paris. I reduced it all to a lovely dry equation, as cynical as could be. Besides, I felt remarkably sure of myself. I accepted all the unhappiness, the conflict, the pleasure to come; I mockingly accepted it all in advance'

- A Certain Smile, Francoise Sagan

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