Hello World

Once upon a time a girl called Laurel met a boy called Rowan. Laurel liked that Rowan made clothes and spun records and had really cute hair (even though he often hid it under a cap). Laurel was studying English Literature at university and Rowan was studying fashion. They lived in a cold little town called Dunedin in the South Island of New Zealand where the beaches are beautiful and wild but the ocean is cold as ice. Laurel lived with friends in an old villa at the top of a steep hill. Sure, it was sinking down the hill and the walls used to blow in and out and random strangers used to knock at the door to say they had just seen ‘a rat the size of a cat’ scampering down the side of the house but to its credit, it had a turret and a balcony overlooking the city and a log burner that made it cozy for girls’ nights drinking red wine and watching bad movies. Rowan lived in a warehouse flat aptly named ‘the Icebox’, the host of Capping Show parties and always full of random interesting people and drum’n’bass.

From Dunedin, Rowan and Laurel moved to Wellington which was the most logical step and lived in various apartments and houses before settling for 3 years in a magical 1960s home which was part of a complex built and decorated by an eccentric photographer and his wife many years before. It still contained its original fittings and floral wallpaper and had a wonderful rooftop deck. Rowan and Laurel had always liked second-hand shopping but it was during this 3 years that it evolved into a passion and a business. Eventually, Laurel left her full-time job at the university library and worked from home for a year selling vintage clothing on Trade Me. But all good things must come to an end. The building that they lived in was sold and scheduled for demolition and rather than move again in Wellington, they took the leap to Melbourne, Australia. Laurel decided to take a break from vintage and took a job working at the Melbourne Fashion Institute. From there, she went to work at the State Library while Rowan completed a degree in Graphic Design and courses in motion graphics and animation.

In 2014 a trip to California re-ignited their love for vintage as they embarked on a road trip from LA to San Francisco and back again, stopping at every thrift and vintage store, flea market and warehouse that they could. They came back with the stock they used to kick-off Sarah & Ludo. They then met Frederique, an amazing German goddess who was their first model. Then at Finder’s Keepers Market they met Chloe and Morgan, the beautiful faces of the brand today.

Our brand has continued to grow and evolve over the past few years and we have so many exciting plans for 2018. Stay tuned...